Make an Income with an Impact

Noonday Collection Ambassadors are stylists, storytellers, and social entrepreneurs who make an impact in their communities and across the globe. Want to join us in building a flourishing world?

This is more than just jewelry, it’s an invitation to join the journey.


As you style women in our collection, you’ll ensure that Artisans can enjoy dignified work, send their children to school, and keep their families strong. You can also fundraise for adopting families by holding Adoption Trunk Shows to help them bring their children home.


We make it possible to do Noonday your way—whether it’s holding 1-2 Trunk Shows a month for some extra spending money, or growing a flourishing business for a full-time income through coaching.


Ambassadors can earn trips to meet our Artisan Partners across the globe! Learn how to roll paper beads in Uganda, go zip-lining in Guatemala, or gather for a traditional Peruvian feast while discovering how your business is making a difference. See where we’re going.

We are a sisterhood, imperfectly courageous...

As an Ambassador, you’ll create a marketplace for Artisans around the world by partnering with Hostesses to hold Trunk Shows. Trunk Shows are fun in-person or online events where you help women find styles they love while sharing the stories of transformation behind our collection.


We believe that by styling our friends, we can change the world.

Rewards & Perks


Earn 20-35% commission on all personal sales

Earn 5-10% on your team sales

Design your own flexible schedule


Enjoy Ambassador-exclusive product discounts

Earn free styles through our generous rewards programs

Learn how to empower women through style


Earn trips to visit Artisans around the world

Be part of a community of like-minded women

Grow as a leader through our coaching program

We are a sisterhood of passionate, purposeful women who seek to make a difference in the world. And we’ve got a place just for you.

How to Get Started

We make it easy to build the business of your dreams. Select the Starter Collection that best fits your budget and commitment level, dive in to our step-by-step training specially designed for new Ambassadors, and get your first few Trunk Shows on the calendar! Your Coach, along with our Sales and Support teams, will be with you every step of the way.

Step 1


In addition to a curated selection of accessory samples, each collection includes valuable business tools to help you start strong, including storytelling and selling tools, our latest lookbooks, and a DVD of the Noonday Collection story.

Starter Collection: The Basics


Begin with the basics and add more samples over time

$382 Value

Starter Collection: The Essentials


Launch your Ambassador business with the essentials

$652 Value

Starter Collection: The Basics


Start strong with more styles to wear and share

$1,348 Value

Step 2


Connect with your Coach (if you don’t know a Coach, we’ll connect you with one during sign-up!)

Login to your Ambassador Studio and set up your personal website

Dive in to our step-by-step Runway Training designed for new Ambassadors

Explore our digital marketing materials, including invite templates, branding tools, and more

Get Ready to launch your business

Step 3


Get your first few Trunk Shows on the calendar!

Start earning commission on all personal sales at Trunk Shows and online

Earn extra commission and free product through our Runway Rewards program during your join month plus first three full months

Choose to grow a team to expand your impact and earn commission on team sales

Attend Shine, our annual Ambassador conference in Austin, TX

Get Ready to launch your business

Earning Back Your Investment

Earn back your investment

Picture this: You purchase our recommended Essentials Starter Collection, which includes $652 worth of product for just $349.

Based on average Trunk Show sales*, if you hold three Trunk Shows in your first month, you’re projected to earn $550 in commission, earning your investment back and making a profit of $200.

Plus, you’ll earn $300 in product credit through our Runway Rewards program, which rewards Ambassadors in their first 90 days with triple product credit for reaching their goals.

*The earnings represented above are based on average Trunk Show sales and are not necessarily representative of the income that an Ambassador can or will earn. There is no guarantee that an Ambassador will earn any income, and like any business, the success of each Ambassador depends on her unique abilities and how much time and effort she dedicates to her business. For more details about the Noonday Collection Compensation Plan, reach out to your Ambassador or email our support team.

Noonday Your Way

We offer opportunities to experience Noonday Your Way as you choose the impact pathway that best fits your life. For all kinds of women, Noonday provides a meaningful way to earn a supplemental income while making a global impact.


5-10 hours/week

Every Ambassador makes a difference. As a Contributor, you can make an impact in just a few hours per week.


10-20 hours/week

Want a part-time job with impact? As a Builder, you’ll hold 1-2 Trunk Shows each week and may choose to expand your impact through team building.

Sales Leader

20+ hours/week

Join our top star sellers to earn increased commissions on every sale and make a powerful impact by holding multiple Trunk Shows each week.

Coaching Leader

20+ hours/week

In addition to holding Trunk Shows, maximize your impact through building and developing a team of world-changing Noonday Ambassadors in your community.

When we look across the globe, we don’t see strangers - we see ourselves.


We use a direct sales business model because it allows us to make a bigger impact for women in the United States and our Artisan Partners around the world. By selling Noonday Collection products through a community of Ambassadors, we are creating a fast growing market for Artisan products. In just five years, Noonday Collection has become the largest and fastest growing fair trade jewelry business in the world – and this is because of our Ambassadors! In addition, we are passionate about empowering women. The direct sales model enables us to provide income to women in the United States through a flexible business model that empowers them to become social entrepreneurs.

You will need to have ongoing Trunk Shows to maintain momentum in your business. The minimum requirement is to hold at least 1 qualifying Trunk Show in a rolling 6 month period. A qualifying Trunk Show is $300+ in sales with at least 3 orders.

With your initial Starter Collection you will receive the marketing materials you need to get started, including lookbooks, mini lookbooks, order forms, and a DVD of the Noonday story. Ambassadors can even earn additional business tools through our generous rewards programs. You will also have the opportunity to purchase additional business tools as needed. In addition, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive digital marketing kit each season, equipping you to grow your business and inspire your community to partner with you. This kit includes templates for business cards that you can have printed online or through a local printer.

All Trunk Show orders ship directly to each customer, so you can focus on holding Trunk Shows, growing your business and making an impact!

We love creating a connection between Ambassadors in the United States and Artisans around the world. Ambassadors have the opportunity to qualify for group trips to visit Artisans in their home countries! These qualifications vary from year to year and are announced annually. We also invite select Artisans to attend Shine, our annual Ambassador Conference, to share their stories with our community.

Yes! Each month you are paid commission on all purchases made through your website. This includes purchases that are associated with one of your Hostesses for a Trunk Show as well as individual purchases that are not associated with a Trunk Show.

We host an annual Ambassador Conference near our Home Office in Austin, Texas. This conference is typically held in January. In addition, we hold various local and regional events throughout the year. Attending Noonday events is not mandatory; however, it is highly encouraged as a way to connect with other Ambassadors and Artisans, grow your business and expand your personal development.

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Are you all about details? Learn more about the nuts and bolts of the Ambassador Opportunity by downloading our Policies Document